• Ultrasonic Homoginizer

The ultrasound is a very efficient and fast method for the extraction of plant matrices. Below you can see a link with general videos on this and other applications.
Normally, before the extraction, the plant material (here milled hemp would be the raw material) is milled (1-3 mm particles) and soaked in the solvent (water, ethanol, etc.). Then comes the sonication and follows a filtration and, if required, a separation/purification typically by means of a roto-vapor and chromatography, if you are looking for only certain substances. 
Please, note that we can only assist you with the extraction and (if applicable) emulsion of plant oils, but not with other parts of the process, like distillation, chromatography or analysis. We do not provide turn-key solutions or complete lines, just the ultrasound. 
For a small production, a lab unit like the UP400St, it  can deal with batches of mixture (low viscosity) up to 8 litres in 10-15 minutes, if the process is assisted with some gentle stirring.

For larger volumes, we would skip to an industrial unit. For example, if you proceeded in batch-mode, the UIP2000hdT ,it can deal with batches of 150-200 litres of plant-solvent mixture in 20-40 minutes. 

For Cannabis extraction

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