• Single Punch Tablet Machine

Single Punch Tablet Machine (เครื่องตอกเม็ดยาแบบสากเดี่ยว)

รุ่น TB30  ยี่ห้อ MILLMIX
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รุ่น TB60  ยี่ห้อ MILLMIX
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worm gear single punch tablet machine is a small single punch tablet machine. The machine has good performance, easy to operate and easy to move. Various granular, crystalline or powdery raw materials with good fluidity can be compressed into tablets, which are suitable for small batch production and teaching use in scientific research experiments. Time-saving and labor-saving during electric operation, high efficiency; this machine is only equipped with one set of punching mold, the filling depth and pressing thickness of the material can be adjusted. (adjusted according to the weight, thickness and hardness of the product) different products can be pressed simply by changing different molds. It is a relatively lightweight electric tablet press.






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